Unlock the secret strategies to master every stage of the test, achieve the essential score on the CELPIP, and live with security and stability in Canada.

The Intensive Course is what sets you apart from those who are living 'temporarily' in Canada from those who have become Canadian citizens!

Don't take the risk of having to leave Canada because of a test!

All foreigners living in Canada face a common challenge: obtaining permanent residence.

The process of becoming a Canadian citizen can be time-consuming, complex, and full of uncertainties. After all, if you don't score what's necessary, you may miss your chance to become a permanent resident of Canada.

Permanent residence is more than just a legal status. It's the guarantee of security, stability, and a prosperous life for you and your family. It's the opportunity to build a promising future in the country you've chosen to call home.

This is where many foreigners face a significant headache: underestimating the importance of the test and jeopardizing the life they've worked hard to create.

And yes, you may already be fluent in English and try to study a month before the test, but that's undermining your own life and forcing yourself to say goodbye to the opportunities that exist in Canada.

To become a Canadian citizen using CELPIP, you need more than just knowing English, and that's what we tell you in the Intensive Course.

The Intensive Course is for you if:

✅ You want to secure permanent residency in Canada.

✅ You aspire to become a Canadian citizen.

✅ You aim to ensure your future and that of your family.

✅ You desire the peace of mind that you are on the right path to achieve the necessary score.

✅ You wish to enjoy the security, stability, and unlimited opportunities that Canada offers as a permanent resident.

❌ You don't want to waste time and money risking not achieving the necessary score.

❌ You don't want to leave Canada.

❌ You don't want to feel unprepared and insecure during the test.

What is the CELPIP Intensive?

The CELPIP Intensive Course is a practical and intensive training program designed to prepare you for the test quickly, equipping you with the necessary knowledge about the test format and how to achieve the highest possible score with your English skills.

With a total of 14 hours of lessons, divided into 8 sessions of 1 hour and 30 minutes each, and additional content, you will have access to valuable content and fundamental strategies to achieve your goal.

The Intensive Course is focused on practice and is based on the test format. This means that you will study the techniques required to perform each part of the CELPIP, based on past exams.

This training includes strategic exercises and tasks to ensure that you are well-prepared to score the maximum with your English knowledge during the actual test.

In the Intensive Course, you receive everything you need to enhance your results, including feedback, test techniques, and corrections of real CELPIP practice tests and exercises.

Now that you understand what the training entails, it's time to discover exactly what you'll have access to in order to achieve your goals.

Here’s what you’ll have access to:

Lesson 01: FUNDAMENTAL Techniques for the Test

In the introductory lesson, you will learn the fundamental techniques that will be essential in all stages of the test. Mastering these techniques will serve as the foundation for improving your skills and achieving the required scores.

Lesson 02: Improving Listening Skills for CELPIP

In the second lesson, you will receive strategies and exercises to enhance your English listening skills. By understanding conversations, lectures, and audio from various contexts and key information, you will certainly achieve a good result on the test.

Lesson 03: Listening Test - Structure and Techniques

Here, you start getting hands-on. You will dive into the structure and specific techniques of the CELPIP Listening test.

Lesson 04: Reading Test - Structure and Techniques

In this next stage, you will explore the structure of the reading test, discovering the best techniques for reading and comprehending English texts effectively during the test to achieve the score you desire in this skill.

Lesson 05: Speaking Test - Structure and Techniques

You will discover how to prepare for the speaking test, organizing your responses, expressing your ideas clearly and coherently, and thus conveying your response clearly to the evaluator.

Lesson 06: Speaking Test - Practice Session!

In this stage, you will see in practice how a live speaking evaluation works. You will understand the mistakes and successes, preventing you from making common errors during such a crucial stage.

Lesson 07: Writing Test - Structure and High-Level Techniques with Examples

In the penultimate stage of the intensive course, you will understand how to truly achieve the results you need in the writing section, surpassing the test score and securing the essential score to guarantee your residence.

With practical examples, you will learn the best techniques for writing in a well-structured manner with clear responses.

Lesson 08: Writing Test - Real Text Correction with Detailed Feedback

In the final lesson, you will have the opportunity to analyze the writing test correction process in detail, allowing you to also assess your own text and understand areas for improvement, enhancing your writing skills.

You'll also receive special gifts!


10 Tasks for you to practice your writing and master this skill.


8 Questions in each test for you to train and take notes for your speaking.


Exclusive quizzes for each of the skills to consolidate everything you've learned in the lessons.


You'll discover how to use this incredible technique to improve your vocabulary through a dedicated notebook, and the best part is that it will be personalized for you to learn comfortably and 100% at your own pace.

Test it for this period with conditional guarantee!

After your purchase, you have 7 days to request the cancellation of your enrollment, as long as you have watched less than 20% of the course. If within this period you find that the content is not for you, we will refund 70% of your investment (30% for fees is non-refundable).

✅ 8 live sessions - with access to the recording of each class

✅ Discussion Area

✅ 5 extra writing practice tests

✅ 2 extra speaking practices

✅ 4 extra quizzes for practice

✅ Exclusive Vocabulary Notebook technique

6 months of access

USD $ 997